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 Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


The aluminum honeycomb is a composite panel made by press bonding of a honeycomb structure made by an aluminum foil sandwiched between two thin adhesive plates. Its weight is ultra-light because about 90% of the volume is empty. The honeycomb structure boasts excellent rigidity. Moreover, the plane accuracy of smoothness is plus or minus 0.05 mm. Currently, it is used in a wide range of applications from furniture to building materials, manufacturing equipment for solar cells, liquid crystals, semiconductors, medical devices and artificial satellites. It is expected that the needs continue to increase in the future as well.

Manufacturing processes of Ultimately Anodized Aluminum Honeycomb Furniture (UAAHF):

1. ハニカムパネルを接着する

Bonding of panels 

 2. 平面形状を切削する

Cutting in planar shape

 3. 端部の断面形状を切削する

Cutting of cross-sectional shape of eadge

 4. パネル丸ごとアルマイト加工する

Surface treatment in whole

JHF table example